Republican Party of United States

The Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the United States, along with the Democratic Party.

It was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists who opposed the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories1

The early Republican Party consisted of northern Protestants, factory workers, professionals, businessmen, prosperous farmers, and after the Civil War, former black slaves.

The Republican Party today comprises diverse ideologies and factions, but conservatism is the party’s majority ideology1

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The Republican Party has produced many influential presidents, such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump.

The party has advocated for policies such as free market capitalism, limited government, strong national defense, and traditional values.

The party also opposes abortion, gun control, immigration reform, and environmental regulation12

The current leader of the Republican Party is Ronna McDaniel, who serves as the chairperson of the Republican National Committee (RNC).

The RNC is responsible for organizing and funding the party’s campaigns at all levels, as well as promoting its platform and policies.

The RNC also hosts the Republican National Convention every four years, where delegates from each state and territory nominate the party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates1

The Republican Party has a strong base of support among older people, men, white people, rural dwellers, and religious voters.

The party also has a presence in every state and territory, with local chapters and affiliates that work to elect Republicans at the grassroots level.

The Republican Party since the 1920s has adhered to an ideology of fiscal conservatism. Republicans strongly believe that free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity.

The party’s official website is, where you can find more information about its history, values, leaders, and events2

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