Is George Santos’ expulsion approaching?

George Santos’ expulsion is a controversial topic that has been making headlines in the US. 

Santos is a Republican congressman from New York who admitted to lying about his background and has pleaded not guilty to multiple federal charges, including fraud, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations12.

He has faced two attempts to expel him from the House of Representatives, but both failed to get the required two-thirds majority31. The latest vote was on November 29, 2023, and it was 179 to 2131.

Santos has defended his right to “the presumption of innocence” and has accused his opponents of trying to overturn the will of the voters1.

He has also claimed that he is a victim of a political witch hunt and that the charges against him are fabricated2.

However, many lawmakers from both parties have called for his removal, citing a damning report from the House Ethics Committee that detailed his lies and misconduct42.

The report, which was released on November 22, 2023, found that Santos had violated the House Code of Official Conduct and brought discredit upon the House4.

The report also revealed that Santos had lied about his identity, his education, his military service, his business achievements, and his personal life. Some of the most shocking revelations from the report are:

  • Santos claimed to be a Harvard-educated Rhodes Scholar, but he never attended Harvard or received a Rhodes Scholarship4.
  • Santos claimed to be a Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he never served in the military at all4.
  • Santos claimed to be a successful entrepreneur who founded several companies, but he actually ran a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of millions of dollars4.
  • Santos claimed to be married to a woman named Sophia, but he actually had a secret second wife named Rachel, whom he married in a sham ceremony in Las Vegas4.

The report concluded that Santos had “engaged in a pattern of deception that was unprecedented in the history of the House of Representatives” and that he had “abused the trust of the American people and his constituents”4.

The report recommended that Santos be expelled from the House, or at least censured or reprimanded4.

Santos’ expulsion is not only a matter of ethics, but also of politics. Santos represents a swing district in Long Island that could be crucial for the Republicans’ chances of keeping the House majority in the 2024 midterm elections52

Some Republicans, especially those from New York, have urged Santos to resign or face expulsion, fearing that his scandal could hurt their party’s image and prospects52.

However, other Republicans, including the entire GOP leadership, have opposed expulsion, arguing that it would set a dangerous precedent and that Santos should be allowed to face trial and due process12.

Santos’ expulsion is also a matter of public opinion. According to a recent poll by The New York Times and Siena College, 58 percent of registered voters in Santos’ district support his expulsion, while 34 percent oppose it5.

The poll also found that 49 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of Santos, while 37 percent have a favorable view5.

The poll also showed that Santos is trailing his Democratic challenger, former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, by 10 points in a hypothetical matchup for the 2024 election5.

Santos’ expulsion is a complex and contentious issue that has divided the House, the Republican Party, and the public.

It is unclear what will happen next, as Santos has vowed to fight the charges and keep his seat12. However, it is certain that his case will continue to generate controversy and attention in the coming months.

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