Susanna M. Salter: First female mayor in U.S.

She was elected as the mayor of Argonia, Kansas, in 1887, making history as the first woman to be elected to such a position.

Susanna Salter
Susanna Salter

It’s important to note that Susanna Salter’s election occurred just a few years after the women’s suffrage movement gained momentum, and it was a significant milestone for women’s participation in politics at the local level.

Here are some key details about Susanna M. Salter:

  1. Birth and Early Life:
    • Born: March 2, 1860, in Belmont County, Ohio, USA.
    • Susanna M. Lynam married Lewis Salter in 1880, and the couple later moved to Argonia, Kansas.
  2. Election as Mayor:
    • In 1887, a group of men in Argonia, Kansas, jokingly nominated Salter as a candidate for mayor on the Prohibition Party ticket.
    • To their surprise, she accepted the nomination and won the election on April 4, 1887, becoming the first woman elected as a mayor in the United States.
    • Salter was elected in a municipal election that allowed women to vote.
  3. Political Career:
    • Salter’s term as mayor was brief, as she served for only one year from 1887 to 1888.
    • Her election drew national attention and served as an early example of women breaking into political leadership roles.
  4. Later Life:
    • After her term as mayor, Susanna Salter continued to be involved in civic and community activities.
    • She and her husband eventually moved to Oklahoma, where she remained active in various community organizations.
  5. Legacy:
    • Susanna M. Salter’s election as the first female mayor in the U.S. is a historic milestone in the women’s suffrage movement.
    • Her achievement symbolized the expanding roles for women in public life and politics.
  6. Death:

Susanna Salter’s groundbreaking election paved the way for more women to enter the realm of politics and inspired others to pursue leadership roles in their communities.

Her legacy remains an important part of the history of women’s political participation in the United States.