Fight to find the next speaker of the House

The House GOP conference is facing a difficult situation after Kevin McCarthy, the former speaker, was ousted by a bipartisan vote last week.

Republican Conference in the United States House of Representatives

The two main candidates to replace him are Steve Scalise, the majority leader, and Jim Jordan, the judiciary chairman.

However, neither of them seems to have enough support from their own party to win the 217 votes needed to become speaker.

The House GOP conference is divided over many issues, such as how to fund the government, how to respond to the terrorist attack in Israel, and how to deal with the eight Republicans who voted against McCarthy.

Some Republicans are also considering joining forces with some Democrats to pass a bipartisan funding bill and avoid a shutdown.

The House GOP conference has been holding meetings to try to find a consensus, but so far no agreement has been reached.

The House needs a new speaker soon, as the government funding deadline is approaching and the country is facing a crisis in the Middle East.

As the current situation is creating uncertainty and instability in the country. The House GOP conference should try to overcome their differences and find a candidate who can lead them effectively and work with the other parties.

However, it seems that the House Republicans are too divided and too stubborn to compromise.

They are risking a government shutdown, a foreign policy disaster, and a loss of public trust.

I hope they can resolve their leadership crisis soon and focus on the issues that matter to the American people.

However, it is unclear who will emerge as the leader of the House Republicans and how they will unify their fractured conference.

To find a compromise candidate, the House GOP conference will need to overcome their differences and find a candidate who can lead them effectively and work with the other parties.

They will also need to address the concerns and demands of the various factions within their conference, such as the Freedom Caucus, the Republican Study Committee, and the Republican Governance Group.

They will need to find a candidate who can balance the interests of the moderates and the conservatives, and who can restore trust and unity among the Republicans.

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