Possible replacements for Joe Biden

There have been discussions about potential replacements for President Joe Biden within the Democratic Party. Here are some names that have been mentioned:

Gavin Newsom
  1. Governor Gavin Newsom: The 56-year-old California governor is considered a credible candidate after Biden. However, Newsom has insisted that he won’t be the Democratic candidate in November12.
Kamala Harris
  1. Vice President Kamala Harris: As the Vice President, Harris would be an obvious choice if Biden were to step aside. However, she has faced poor ratings recently1.
  1. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker have also been floated as possible replacements, but they are currently supporting Biden’s campaign2.

Remember that these discussions are speculative, and the situation may evolve. Ultimately, the Democratic National Committee will officially nominate the candidate during their convention in August3.