US Congress approves simplified measure to publish UFO records

The US Congress passed a stripped-down measure to release UFO records as part of the National Defense Authorization Act on Thursday, December 14, 202312.

The measure directs the National Archives to collect reports of unidentified aerial phenomena, but gives the government broad authority to keep them secret1.

The measure also removes the provisions that would have created a presidential commission to review and declassify UFO records, and ordered the Department of Defense to do the same12.

The measure was opposed by some lawmakers and experts who wanted more transparency and accountability on the UFO issue, especially after the release of a preliminary report in June 2023 that revealed the government had no explanation for 143 out of 144 cases of UFO sightings by military personnel123.

They argued that the public has a right to know the truth about UFOs, and that the government should not hide or withhold any evidence of extraterrestrial life or advanced technology24.

The measure is not yet law, as it still needs to be signed by President Joe Biden, who has not indicated his position on the UFO issue12.

The measure could also face legal challenges from groups or individuals who seek to access the UFO records through the Freedom of Information Act or other means24.

The measure could also affect the 2024 presidential election, as some candidates may use the UFO issue to appeal to voters who are interested or concerned about the topic24.

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