What is the celebrity ‘blockout’ over the war in Gaza?

The “celebrity blockout” is a social media movement where users are calling out celebrities for what they perceive as inaction in the face of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


Participants of the blockout are putting a block on seeing any content from the accounts of certain celebrities on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

They use hashtags such as #blockout, #blockout2024, or #celebrityblockout to express their protest because they believe these celebrities haven’t spoken up or haven’t said enough against Israel’s actions in Gaza during its war with Hamas123.

The blockout aims to pressure celebrities to take a stand by affecting their views, engagement, and ultimately their paychecks, as the number of people interacting with content brings in money. It’s also meant to target celebrities’ brands by diverting attention away from their content3.

There isn’t a single organized list of celebrities being blocked; it’s up to each social media user to decide whom to block4.

This movement gained traction after the Met Gala event, contrasting the high-glamour event with the situation in Gaza4.

The war in Gaza has resulted in significant casualties, and the blockout is one of the ways people are using social media to voice their concerns and demand action3.

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