Hunter Biden convicted of all 3 felony charges

Hunter Biden was convicted of all three felony charges related to a gun purchase in 2018. Prosecutors alleged he lied on the paperwork by stating he wasn’t using illegal drugs.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden has indeed been convicted on three felony charges related to a firearms incident. The charges include two counts for making false statements during the purchase of a gun and one count for possessing the gun while being addicted to drugs123.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Charges: Three felonies
  • Accusation: Lying on the background check form when buying a gun in 2018. Specifically, prosecutors allege he said he wasn’t using illegal drugs, which they believe was false.
  • Verdict: Guilty on all three charges (as of June 11th, 2024)

This conviction has sparked discussions about the legal consequences he may face and whether President Joe Biden might consider a presidential pardon4.

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