Sanders demands answers on Israel’s ‘indiscriminate’ Gaza bombing

That refers to a resolution introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders on December 15, 2023, to investigate Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza, which has killed nearly 19,000 people and wounded more than 50,000 since October 7, 202312

Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders

The resolution, which is based on the Foreign Assistance Act, could potentially lead to a reduction or termination of US military aid to Israel, if it is found that Israel has violated internationally recognized human rights or international humanitarian law13.

Sanders, who is an independent senator and a progressive ally of President Joe Biden, said that he supports Israel’s right to respond to the Hamas terrorist attack that started the war, but he also condemned the Netanyahu government’s “indiscriminate bombing” as immoral and illegal.

He said that the US Congress must demand answers about the conduct of the war and the US government’s complicity in it, as the war is being done with American bombs and money134.

The resolution faces uncertain prospects in the Senate, where it needs a simple majority to pass, and it has been criticized by some Republicans and pro-Israel groups as a biased and harmful move.

The White House has not commented on the resolution, but it has expressed its support for Israel’s security and its commitment to a diplomatic solution to the conflict124 .

The resolution is a sign of the growing concern and scrutiny among some Democrats on Capitol Hill over the US’s role and responsibility in the war in Gaza, which has caused a humanitarian crisis and a regional instability.

The resolution also reflects Sanders’ long-standing advocacy for a more balanced and fair US policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and his criticism of the Netanyahu government’s policies134 .

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