Trump wins the Nevada Republican caucuses

Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Nevada Republican caucuses, where he was the sole major candidate participating.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The caucuses were a peculiar affair, with only 16% of registered voters in Nevada taking part.

The state’s GOP organized these caucuses, which occurred just two days after the Republican primary. In that primary, Nikki Haley, despite being the only candidate on the ballot, trailed behind a “none of these candidates” option.

Interestingly, Nevada’s “first in the west” presidential choice contest usually holds significance for both major parties, but this year’s primaries were subdued and sparsely attended.

The bifurcated Republican voting system, which combines both caucuses and primaries, played a role in this unusual situation.

With Joe Biden securing an easy victory in the Democratic primary, the current and former presidents are now one step closer to a potential rematch in the November general election.

Trump’s win coincided with the US Supreme Court appearing poised to reject a challenge to his candidacy in Colorado related to his attempts to subvert the 2020 election results.

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